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From SQL to Dashboards, PDFs & Email Reports. SQL data in Excel, Slack, Google Docs and everywhere you need it.

DataReportive is a reporting tool for your SQL databases. Create analytic reports for you organization or customers directly from your databases in minutes.

Key features

Create analytics reports for any stakeholder
Dozens of visualizations

SQL to charts

Choose how to visualize your data in any way you want. Build incredible reports, emails and dashboards using charts, maps, and text.

HTML Email reports

HTML Email reports

Create fully HTML email analytics reports that you send both internally or to your customers. Use one of our ready templates, use drag and drop components or create your own customizable template by importing your own HTML template.

White label solutions

Customized views

Non-analyst just need to see relevant reports and play with filters. Customize how non-creators experience and access DataReportive.



Do you have your own app or website that you want to enhance with analytics? Use DataReportive to embed reports and dashboards directly into your website.



Customize how your users can slice and dice data to get meaningful insights. Allow them to export those views in a variety of formats.



Send reports via email or Slack on a regular schedule. Include PDFs, HTML Emails, Excel and CSVs. Add conditions when to send reports.



Alert users, stakeholders or customers about changes by sending reports as soon as conditions changes in your data.

PDF exports

PDF exports

Create and craft printable PDF reports easily. Send these via alerts or schedule them to be sent on regular intervals.

CSV and Excel exports

CSV and Excel exports

Send CSV and multi-sheet Excel reports. Allow usesrs to download these with specific filters applied.


HTML reports

Create fully customisable HTML pages with charts and graphs for your customers to view. Design templates that can show customized data for specific customers.

Group and user permissions

Group and user permissions

Set permissions to reports and folders on a user and group level.

On-site solutions

Intergarte SQL in your tools

Share reports in Slack, share SQL data in Google Docs, Excel and everywhere you need it.

Our mission
Startup or a small business? Set up KPI Dashboards in no time.

Set up a Business Intellegence opration in your organization in no time - set dashboards to share KPIs, schedule email reports for stakeholders and set up how stakeholders access and use data in your organization.

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100% money back guarantee

Share insights in more ways than one

Report data in a way that fits your use case

Views for content consumers

Consumers of reports should just have easy access to data and insights. In DataReportive content creators have a different user interface than content consumers, and the latter can be customized for each department in your organization.


Email reporting

Create professionally looking HTML email reports with analytics to send to people inside or outside of your organization. Set up email alerts to alert content consumers when certain events happen or schedule so that the receive a report periodically.


Embeddable reports

Do you have already an application and service which you want to enhance with analytics and reporting for your customers? Use embedded analytics to provider dashboards, PDF exports, Excel and CSV exports directly from your app.

Still trying to figure out which solution is best for you?  

DataReportive in action

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Setting up reporting and email reports with DataReportive is very streightforward and takes only minutes do.

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We are proud! 90% of all inquiries answered in 2h or less, 100% within 24h or less. We strive to support our customers to the best of our abilities.


Join the hundreds of businesses that use us!

We are a business dedicated to help customers share insights and data. Over 100 businesses use DataReportive to set up reporting for both internal and external purposes.

Supported databases

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